Life Path 5


Life Path 5The lesson you must learn is the constructive use of freedom. You will have the potential to adapt quickly, communicate effectively and think with crystal clarity. Your multi-talented ability can take you in any direction in life so you must learn to pick and choose carefully in order to maximise the benefits from your experiences. The number 5 is an ‘input machine’. It craves for new experiences, new stimuli and new information. You must therefore resist the temptation to flit from one thing to another – achieving nothing on the way.

Life Path 5 is the most adaptable and versatile of all the numbers. It has been said of the number 5 child that – “If you think you can control them, forget it!” They will do nothing they are supposed to do. For them – nothing is too soon and everything is too long.

The earliest that you can expect a number 5 child to settle down is at least 22 years of age! Even from childhood – the number 5 demands input and constant stimulation. Their patience threshold is minimal. Anything mundane or routine is unlikely to be given a second glance because it is boring and takes too long. The number 5 is great at starting things but hopeless at finishing them. The adaptability of the 5 is so great that they can watch TV, read a book and hold a conversation at the same time AND retain the information of all three! By contrast – to get number 5 to concentrate on one thing for any length of time is almost impossible; unless of course they happen to be genuinely interested.

Life Path 5 is the ultimate ‘wind up merchant’. They can cause great frustration to others and even themselves. The most common example is when they incite an argument and then two minutes later – act as if nothing has happened. The number 5 lives for the moment and as far as they are concerned – two minutes ago was then and this is now!

The number 5’s constant search for the new and exciting means that the path they must follow is frequently strayed from. Some may fall into the trap of believing that the grass is always greener on the other side and become a ‘rolling stone’, never settling down for any length of time and ultimately never satisfied.

Some may even succumb to excessive indulgence in food, drink, drugs or sex – the danger of the illegal and the excitement of the illicit. Some may just drift from day to day doing nothing in particular – scratching at minor tasks and feeling thoroughly miserable. The number 5, in a negative mood, is restless, impatient and easily distracted.

Number 5 is a ‘today’ number. Consequently you must be careful to make some provision for tomorrow. You will almost certainly have many irons in the fire – and more frequently too many. To be most effective you must learn to limit your avenues and be prepared to finish what you have started. Adapting to change means clearing up before you move on.