Your Past Life Number- What Role Did You Play in a Previous Lifetime?

This is a numerology formula that may help you discover what role you played or who you were in a previous lifetime. There are several steps to this formula.

  • First you must find your Life Path Number. You will do so by adding up the numbers in your date of birth.
    For example: June 12, 1960 is 6 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 = 25. Now you want to reduce this number down to a single digit 25 = 2 + 5 = 7
  • The next step is finding your Inner Need Number. This number represents something you need to fulfill that you were working on in a previous lifetime or a role that you didn’t “get right”.
    For example if you were a businessman in a previous lifetime and failed, your inner need number may represent a strong urge to run a successful business. Perhaps you needed to be more loving and failed to express your emotional side in a former life, so your inner need number may show that.
    You get this number by adding the vowels in your name. Each letter has a specific number related to it.
    A = 1
    E = 5
    I = 9
    O = 6
    U = 3
    So, John Andrews looks like this…we take the vowels in his given birth name. Yes, use your middle name if you have one. O=6 – A=1 – E=5………6 + 1 + 5 = 12…reduce it down to a single digit? 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. 3 is the Inner Need Number
  • Okay, that was the hard part, now for the grand finale….take your life path number and add that to your inner need number. The example shows 7 (Life path number) + 3 (Inner need number) = 10…..reduce down to a single digit again 10 = 1+ 0 = 1 …so #1 is your Past Life Number

Important Note : If you have found your number is 11, do not reduce it any further. You can reduce 22 to 4.

Do you have a final number? Now it’s time to find out based on that number what you were in your most previous lifetime or what role you played.

If your Past Life Number is:

Number 1 Number 1 – You were likely some sort of leader. Possibly a king or queen. All eyes were on you. You were respected and sought after for advice and leadership. You may have made and carried out the laws. Sheriff, police, Mafia, president, ruler. There is also a chance that you may have been exiled or orphaned if you have abandonment issues in this lifetime and need to be in control.

Number 2Number 2 – Your issue in the most previous lifetime was that of love and relationships. It’s possible you could have been a twin and in this lifetime if you do not have a twin may feel as if there is something or someone missing from your life. Your most former lifetime was filled with difficult decisions and many concerns about affairs of the heart. It’s possible you were torn between two lovers and may meet up with both of those old souls in this current lifetime.

Number 3Number 3 – It is very likely you were creative in your most recent past life. Possibly you were a writer or artist. It is also likely you had a family and were a good parent. Some of you may have been farmers and cherished your land and home. Others may have been gardeners and worked with herbs. Some of you may have been druids and witches. Others bakers and cooks.

Number 4Number 4 – This would have been a very interesting lifetime but not always a positive one. Many of you may have been slaves or prisoners. Others may have been masters or jail keepers/prison guards. Poverty may have been prevalent and some souls retain memories of living in ghetto like conditions. Often times the #4 represents those that served in the military, especially the navy and army. On another note; many of you could have been authority figures in your field or empowered in some way to lead or be a highly regarded citizen.

Number 5Number 5 – Five relates to a lifetime of war. Many may have fought in wars in previous incarnations or lived in war zones. Some were rebels, builders, carpetbaggers and engineers. Communication may have been a big part of your former lifetime as well as conflict resolution and working on big projects, Many may have had to rebuild their lives after a major war. Consider the Civil War and reconstruction.

Number 6Number 6 – You may have been an early Christian or Buddhist. You practiced unconditional love and forgiveness. Meditation and spirituality were a daily part of your life. It’s likely you may have been an actor or entertainer too. You definitely were a parent.

Number 7  Number 7 – Because seven is a spiritual number it’s no wonder this past lifetime relates to just that. You were likely a respect elder, maybe in a Native American tribe. Definitely a great teacher of some sort, considered intelligent. You probably went to school and achieved more education than other people at the time. It’s also quite possible you were a lawyer or involved in changing the laws within your community or maybe for society as a whole. Take also into consideration that you could have a religious zealot or someone who was a victim of a religious zealot/group.

Number 8Number 8 – Healer/Doctor, medicine man or woman. On the upside, you may have been a wealthy merchant or land owner, probably owned a large estate. Perhaps you were a banker. Whatever you were, it is obvious money was of utmost importance in your life; either an overabundance or the lack of it. If the latter is true, you could have experienced hunger and famine.

Number 9Number 9 – There are several ways to interpret the number nine past life. These are a few: traveler, voyager, journalist, psychic/astrologer, journalist, humanitarian, peace worker. You could have also been a hermit, deaf or mute. Some of you may have worked in a hospital or have had many experiences helping the dying. Hospice worker.

Number 11 – Prophet, medium, spiritualist, someone with great vision. Possibly a musician or poet. Some of you may have been a judge or ruled over a high court. This is one of the most spiritual lifetimes anyone could have.

How has a previous lifetime affected you?

Can you see how your past lifetime could influence your current one? Especially when you find yourself playing the same or similar role and sometimes just the opposite.

For example if you are a Number 6 – you may have wanted to be an actor when you were a child or loved to put on plays for your parents. Perhaps one of your lessons in this current lifetime is to learn forgiveness and what unconditional love is all about.

If you are a number 7, you may be drawn to a spiritual way of life or have a great respect for Native American culture. Perhaps because of a negative past life experience with a religious zealot, you stay away from organized religion or are conscience of not pushing your own beliefs on anyone else.

This article represents a broader base of ideas but much more detail can be derived from your past life times by meditation and past life regression work.