Motivation Number 8

Motivation Number 8

You are motivated by the desire for power and control over others. You are ambitious for authority, position, and material success.

Money matters to you. You want lots of it and the things it can buy. You want everything you do to show a profit in some way, either in material reward or advantage gained.

Material success is a symbol of power and influence to you. You want to be in control. You want to manage and direct others, and you love the responsibility of taking charge. You have a high regard for good judgment and fair business practices and demand organizational efficiency.

You strive to control your emotional and physical impulses and maintain a super executive-cool. You pride yourself on your physical and mental stamina.

You love the high life as a symbol of your position and achievement. You may tend to overindulge in rich foods and sensual pleasures, but never at the risk of being late for an appointment or missing a plane. You like to work hard and play hard.

You feel a responsibility to those around you that is motivated by a need for their respect and allegiance.

Famous Names with  Motivation Number 8

Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman)
Timothy Leary
Gloria Steinem
Charlie Chaplin (Charles Spencer Chaplin)
Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Channel)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (Sari Gabor)
Dean Martin (Dino Crocetti)
Burt Lancaster (Burton Stephen Lancaster)
Robert Mitchum (Robert Charles Duran Mitchem)
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Henry Miller
John Henry O’Hara
William Motter Inge
James Jones
Joshua Logan
Carter Burden (Shirley Carter Burden)