Motivation Number 7

Motivation Number 7If you could choose your vantage point in life, it would be a high ivory tower where you could sit alone and undisturbed, in contemplation and meditation.

You want privacy. You need to be alone with your own thoughts. You prefer to observe rather than participate. You like only those people who share your station and your intellectual strengths. You prefer to communicate cerebrally rather than physically.

You strive for quiet, reserve, and refinement in your surroundings–a place where you can meditate quietly or in communion with nature and perfect your own system of things.

You have a thirst for wisdom and knowledge and are attracted to the sciences and the occult. You are not afraid to go beyond the conventional bounds of accepted theory in search of your own perfected philosophies.

You prefer to attract things and people to you, rather than use force.

Famous Names with  Motivation Number 7

Barbra Streisand (Barbara Joan Streisand)
Richard Milhous Nixon
Pat Nixon (Thelma Catherine Ryan)
Ethel Kennedy (Ethel Skakel)
Ralph Nader
Janis Joplin
Truman Capote
Jack Geisinger (John Geisinger)
John Wayne (Marion Michael Morrison)
Rita Hayworth (Margarita Carmen Cansino)
Jack Lemmon (John Uhler Lemmon)
Jerry Lewis (Joseph Levitch)
Tony Curtis (Bernard Schwartz)
Stanley Kubrick
Frank Donnelly (Francis Edward Donnelly)
Carson McCullers (Carson Smith)
Charles André Joseph Marie De Gaulle
Gloria Laura Moran Vanderbilt
Princess Anne (Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Windsor)