Motivation Number 5

Motivation Number 5Personal freedom is most important to you. Sensual pleasure, change, variety, and new experiences have enormous appeal.

You need to be free to pick up on any new experience in life that comes your way. You do not want responsibilty and resist being pinned down by anyone or anything for too long. Old ways and repetitive situations bore you. You prefer to throw away anthing that has outgrown its usefulness.

You love sensual stimulation. Sex, food, drink, and artificial stimulants attract you, and your appetite is great.

You also have an insatiable appetite for people and want to make new friends and new lovers all the time; and with people, as with other things, it is easy come, easy go.

You thrive on a challenge of the new and on the prospect of adventure. You love to travel and will pick up and go in a flash. You crave the physical experiences of life and prefer to learn from them rather than trust hypothetical intellectual theory.

Famous names with Motivation Number 5

John Winston Lennon
John Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)
Roy Lichtenstein
Rudolf Hametovich Nureyev
Roman Polanski
Joe William Namath
Greta Garbo (Greta Lovisa Gustafsson)
Alfred Joseph Hitchcock
Prince Charles (Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor)
Ronald Reagan
George Corley Wallace
Henry Alfred Kissinger
Haile Selassie (Tafari Makonnen)
Maria Callas (Maria Anna Sofia Cecilia Calogeropoulos)
Shirley MacLaine (Shirley MacLean Beaty)
Marlon Brando
Bill Alvira (Willaim Anthony vos Alvira)
Rock Hudson (Roy Scherer)
Tom Isbell (Thomas Elmo Isbell)
Henry Fonda (Henry Jaynes Fonda)
Bob Hope (Leslie Townes Hope)
Debbie Reynolds (Mary Frances Reynolds)
George Hamilton
Elia Kazan (Elia Kazanjoglous)
Arthur Hiller Penn
David Paradine Frost
Valadimir Nobokov
Irving Stone (Irving Tennenbaum)
Leon Uris
Charles Haskell Revson
William S. Paley
Doris Duke