Motivation Number 4

Motivation Number 4You want to reduce everything to its most practical level. You want your life to follow a carefully worked out and predictable system in which discipline and hard work pay off in measured material results. You like order in everything.

You are motivated by a rigid sense of duty and responsibility which applies to job, home, family, country, and the existing order of things in general. You are interested in workable established systems and not in speculation, innovation, or change. You want a position of respectability and financial solidity.

You strive for honesty and truth, exact and unadorned. Your approach is one of practical method which can be substantiated by fact. You are skeptical of emotional or intuitive response in both yourself and others.

You want deep and lasting relationships with family and a few friends whose loyalty and trust are unquestionable. You shun the superficiality of most social relationships. You dislike frivolity and pretension.

Your concern for rigid self-discipline and for maintaining the status quo can tend to make you stubborn and limited in your viewpoint and incapable of enjoying life’s pleasures. And your desire for economy can make you a tightwad.

Famous names with 22/4 Motivation Number

Jean Paul Getty
Aristotle Socrates Onassis
Edward Moore Kennedy
Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Frances Taylor)
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Norman Mailer
Joan Shepard
Leonard Bernstein
Darryl Francis Zanuck
George Wesley Stillwaggon
Rudi Gernreich
Billy (William Franklin) Graham
Jean Rene Blondeau
Margaret Mead
Cecil Beaton (Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton)
Richard Avedon
Ava Gardner (Lucy Johnson)
Joan Baez
Gypsy Rose Lee (Rose Louise Hovick)
John Varick Tunney
Stephen Joshua Sondheim