Motivation Number 3

Motivation Number 3You want life to be beautiful, glamorous, and entertaining, with you in the middle spreading the good cheer. You want to live life as an art form–full of grace, beauty, and pleasure.

Being socially popular is extremely important to you. You love to entertain and be entertained, and you want to appear as charming and fabulous as possible. You strive to make your personal appearance and your surroundings fashionable and glamourous.

You want lots of action in your life: many friends, and new ones all the time; many new experiences; many new projects to get involved in.

You want to communicate your point of view to others, and this usually amounts to performing for them. You like to talk. Life is your stage, and you want to bring all your talents and personality into the spotlight.

You love romance. Although you may be physically faithful to the one you are with, and there must always be someone new and exciting, you are not above flirting with everyone in sight. You want and need to be admired for your wit, your charm, and your beauty.

Famous names with  Motivation Number 3

Federico Fellini
Yves S. Laurent (Henri Donat Mathieu)
Mick Jagger (Michael Philip Jagger)
Lady Bird Johnson (Claudia Alta Taylor)
Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay)
Jean Cocteau
Katharine Hepburn (Katharine Houghton Hepburn)
Harold S. Prince
Charles Augustus Lindbergh
Anne Baxter
Robert Bruce Cornfield
Gore Vidal
Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
Jasper Johns
Jack Kerouac (Jean Kerouac)
John Ernst Steinbeck