Motivation Number 2

Motivation Number 2You want a peaceful, placid existence with basic comforts and loving companions that is free from interruption and drastic change. Your view of the world is small and personal and encompasses your immediate family or small group, with you as the peacemaker and as dependable supplier of love and affection.

You need someone to be the center of your life and to make important decisions for you. You are attracted to marriage and family. You want to set up a simple, idyllic household (luxuries are not that important) where your emotional need to love and be loved can be satisfied. If the family is not a genetic one, you want a group of friends or a business where you can serve the same purpose.

You feel a basic desire to cooperate and assist in getting things done, and you prefer the job of assimilating all the fine details rather than the responsibility of the overall plan. Your happiness is reflected in the achievements of those you admire and love, and you take pride in your small, but necessary contribution.

Peace and harmony are of the utmost importance to you and you prefer to use patience, tact, and diplomacy, rather than force, in seeking solutions to critical problems.