Motivation Number 11

You are attracted to ideas and concepts beyond the ordinary physical and mental planes on which most people live. You are not satisfied with the way things are. You want to create and invent the ideal future, the ideal art form.

You are the uncompromising idealist who strives for perfected vision through the development of psychic and extrasensory powers. You are concerned with the spiritual and aesthetic rather than the practical. You seek a direct line to the highest universal vibrations and you want to inspire and reform humanity with your perfected vision of truth and beauty.

You want and need two outlets at all times and are striving constantly for equilibrium in fulfilling both of your current dreams. You are searching for a practical partner to implement your ideas.

While you want to operate on an idealistic intellectual level, the world around you has its distinctly practical side with which you must learn to cope.

Famous Names with 11/2 Motivation

Robert Francis Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Joseph Patrick Kennedy
Jacqueline Onassis (Jacqueline Lee Bouvier)
Conrad Nicholas Hilton
Leontyne Price (Mary Leontine Price)
Hugh Marston Hefner
Elvis Aron Presley
Pierre Cardin
George Orson Welles
Princess Grace (Grace Patricia Kelly)
Cary Grant (Archibald Alexander Leach)
James Taylor
Aga Khan (Karim Khan)
Lauren Bacall (Betty Joan Perske)
Julie Andrews (Julia Elizabeth Wells)
Lana Turner (Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner)
Jackie Gleason (John Clarence Gleason)
Gloria Swanson (Gloria May Josephine Swanson)
Walter Matthau
Penney Farrell (Clements Elizabeth Lindenmeyr)