Compatibility for Life Path 9 and 5

With a FIVE your own restlessness and changeability are strongly emphasised. They have an urge to travel, so you will probably be willingly to go anywhere with them. They are likely to take the lead, and life could be very exciting for a while.

A classic Pied Piper, and very Sagittarian, attracting people everywhere, dressing colourfully, magnetising you with their charm. And on a career note they can fuel your ambitions, naturally promote your higher powers or acting ability and shake you up and get rid of that terrible indecisiveness and turn it into action.

And of course you can balance out the vacillations of your FIVE and turn their talents into something concrete too. This is a passionate, high voltage contact, and will either work absolutely fabulously or not at all.

Physically it should be terrific, so there probably won’t be much time to talk about occult or philosophical subjects! This is a here and now affair, so grab it while you can!!