Compatibility for Life Path 9 and 3

Keeping company with a THREE will produce a happy and social atmosphere, because the two of you are apples off the same tree and understand each other perfectly.

People could be almost jealous of relationship with a THREE. THREE’s can be excitable, mischievous and surprising. And his friends will all love you, as the number NINE you won’t be a party-pooper and will always have people around asking for advice, so this can work out quite well for you both. The people dear to you will always feel included and welcome in whatever you do.

You may sometimes get bored with their inability to sit still, because they are restless while you are calm. However these are the two main numbers for actors, and whether it’s your profession or not, there are likely to be quirt a few soap operas played or acted out between you.

You are both idealists, so if this pairing has a fault, it might be that you are TOO compatible. Thus you must not get stuck in a groove of merely talking and enthusing, but actually get things done. In love this could be a marriage configuration, and a lot of childhood sweethearts are THREE and NINE; but certainly it should be a happy time you have however long you’re together!