Compatibility for Life Path 9 and 1

A NINE like you is the perfect compliment to a ONE. This is an excellent pairing in numerology. You have the tenacity to finish what your adventurous ONE begins. You have breadth of vision and philosophy that combines to give an inventive genius when added to the originality and dynamism of the ONE’s electric character.

You like their style, they can break the rules and they can be adventurous and usually will try anything at least once. They admire your sensitivity and poise, your good taste and your endless number of friends. They really admire you for your popularity.

In romance the reflective NINE traits in you will be drawn to the vitality and magnetism of the ONE’s characteristics, but you must be careful not to get trampled on by their insistence on having it all their own way. A ONE is not used to asking for permission, or having to explain.

They certainly make up their own rules!! On the other hand they needs a good listener, and as a NINE you have the perfect ear. You automatically feel what it is the ONE wants to say. Although this is a combination of opposites, it can go for the long haul, but requires constant work and tweaking.