Compatibility for Life Path 8 and 8

With another EIGHT you could expect something of a revolution! Powerful numbers joining force could create a real flame of love and enthusiasm or the force can make you almost annihilate each other. Don’t worry about this because you will find out which very early on, for this will not be a relationship to smoulder quietly.

In business it would obviously be difficult to establish a leader, but if this could be avoided and you could each have equal power anything might be achieved. This is worth bearing in mind, as the years pass, so that you realise you may be looking at a future work or long term business partnership rather than marriage partner! As lovers there would be definite heat and each of you might spark each other to unprecedented levels.

But on the whole, this again is a rather volatile combination, and would have to be handled with great care to have any chance of a future. Because you will know each other’s weak spots you would be able to inflict great hurt, and this would have to be curtailed.