Compatibility for Life Path 8 and 4

FOUR types are really only compatible in business. If you allow this FOUR person to play with your heart you may be in for some pain. You will appreciate how balanced and organised their life is, and you’ll always know exactly where you stand, because they can be tactless to a fault!

If you can accept that, and realise it is unlikely that this FOUR will write you sonnets or send flowers weekly, then you could have a chance and for a while at least you won’t be let down! Whilst this person admits to being much more conservative than you, they have an eye for small details that you do not or may have overlooked, working in tandem with them works well.

But in love affairs frankly, they might be just too staid for you, and although it could be a solid combination with much pride and feeling, it is likely to be perhaps too methodical and predictable, even boring, and probably won’t hold your interest for a long period. In any case you will dominate a FOUR. Remember you are an EIGHT who has verve, spirit and sophistication. These words don’t really spring to mind when describing the FOUR types!