Compatibility for Life Path 8 and 3

A number THREE will be the luckiest partner for you in many respects. What an unbeatable combination you two can be! THREE is such an able communicator and creative ideas person; you are the one with the big business and broad prospects in your brain.

With your power and drive and THREE’s creativity and bright spirit you each bring so much to each other’s thinking and balance each other beautifully. However it won’t all be about making money or gaining financial security.

In a love relationship you will either be a gentle and harmonious pair or a constantly challenging couple who always seem to be in the throes of discussing salient points which can cause you to fight a lot. However, there is no end to what this combination may achieve. When you’ve dressed up for an important appointment they won’t be able to take their eyes off you, you may not make it out of the door!

You light up a THREE’s life and love, so let them spoil you if they want to!