Compatibility for Life Path 8 and 1

Putting an EIGHT with a ONE can be an interesting combination. You can both be somewhat aggressive which can mean that when you decide to do something together, the abilities you each bring to the task adds power and energy to make sure everything is completed and finalised. You are physical, humorous, lively and quite definite in your opinions and style. Other people are drawn to you when you are a couple.

You may cooperate marvellously together because of your energetic disposition and determination, or you may rub each other entirely the wrong way, becoming rivals and antagonists. If you can work together calmly and clearly you have the combined abilities to analyse and initiate things together. Every weekend can be party-time just because of your sheer drive and laughter!

You each have courage and are very physical. Yet in a love affair the sexual side could be quite explosive and very daring! That being said, there is also potential there to destroy one another by both wishing to be master of the same ship. To succeed you must learn to take turns at the helm. This is an excellent business team provided you learn to trust each other!