Compatibility for Life Path 7 and 7

Two SEVENS might not be easy. Of course you understand each other’s needs, but you are not terribly confident romantically and together you exacerbate each other’s doubts. You will not really sit down and talk about the things that go wrong if and when they ever do.

If you are mature in your approach to each other you will have no need for argument and should be able to saturate yourselves in the same intellectual outlets. You have no need to chatter on about a film you’ve just seen or an exhibition you’ve attended, for you know why you liked it and will analyse the finer details without gushing. Romantically you may cut yourselves off from the outside world in many respects, opting out of socialising and not even seeing much of the family.

Overall, though, the summary of this attraction is largely physical and based on the familiarity of each other. The chances of making it last are not exactly fail proof; for you will have to tolerate the characteristics you like least about yourselves in each other to make any headway.