Compatibility for Life Path 6 and 9

NINE and SIX are perfect, for the NINE added to the SIX makes FIFTEEN, which reduces once again to SIX, the number of love. So with this number you have a great head start. This really is a fabulous chance for a lasting friendship or loving partnership.

The number NINE is the mirror reflecting the beauty of SIX so no doubt you will share a love of many things and an understanding of the loveliest things in life. Your lives should be highly creative, greatly at ease with each other and you will enjoy being around each other as you radiate peace and happiness. Your NINE will know just how and where to touch you and for how long! Whether to fulfil love or bring your energy up again, you will do the same for them too.

You will learn much together and should have a truly beautiful life around you whether in business, friendship or love. And you will teach other people to relax and look for the more important things in life. Put your arms around each other, and try not to let go!