Compatibility for Life Path 6 and 5

Naturally you are very attracted to this dynamo FIVE. But it’s likely to be an all or nothing relationship. Sparks fly and your physical responses will probably be very strong. However you and a FIVE are variant beings so it may take a lot of perseverance to find if there is something more than just attraction.

You are gentle and cultured with a tendency to sit back and watch others enjoying your excellent hospitality, whereas your FIVE is boisterous and sexy and loves to hold the floor. You are a little bit conservative, though refined in taste, where they are more inclined to be bold and adventurous with everything right down to their colour combinations and style.

They can also seem completely unable to relax, which is probably something you do very well indeed. More often than not your friends will seek you out when they need calming down! They do appreciate your cool and calmness when life becomes too frantic for them though. As a SIX you could grow a little fat on the good life, but you shouldn’t quite lose your good looks. FIVE is metabolic quicksilver and will prefer not to let that waistline thicken.

If you take on the role of comforter and allow the FIVE be the joker and initiate the daring, romantic surprises you know you both enjoy in relationships, you will find a willing companion with plenty of stylish contributions to keep you amused.

You will either be too different from the beginning to entertain the idea of a relationship, or, you will have a masterly association (SIX+FIVE=ELEVEN) and amaze everybody at the depth, strength and warmth of your bond.