Compatibility for Life Path 6 and 3

This THREE person is a NOISY but amicable partner for you. In fact, many of your friends may be THREE’s so there is no reason why a boyfriend or even prospective spouse shouldn’t be a friend as well. You are very attuned to one another, sharing an easy-going affiliation.

Their guiding and encouraging hand will make you more confident of your own creative or artistic ability, and you repay this by recognising and genuinely appreciating their creative talents also in some way. You are social, amicable, and both love beauty, you probably both make a very attractive couple.

When you are a pair you will draw around you a happy and aesthetically pleasing world where many of your friends feel entertained and at ease. Should you ever consider going into business with a THREE, choose an area in the fine arts or a hospitality or service industry – you could both end up very rich!