Compatibility for Life Path 6 and 1

A ONE could be a good partner for you in money matters, they have the cut and dash to add some sparkle to your creative concepts and ideas for earning cash. You personally love beauty and can have an artistic touch, they have the presence to launch your talent and make it pay.

You may have to drag this ONE out sometimes for a spot of socialising when they are feeling a bit sullen or just want to stay at home, but they will always give you the confidence to push yourself forward, complimenting you on the way you look and appreciating your efforts with people. In pure love matters, however, you might find the harmony runs out.

A ONE could want constant excitement and your serenity and aesthetic detachment might irritate. Equally, you might find your ONE selfish and incomprehensible, thinking them too rash and not knowing what to make of any aggression that is shown.

Of course a SIX can also be fence sitters, so you will find you have a quite different approach to your personal and emotional natures. Enjoy what there is, but don’t be surprised if you reach a point of no return. One day you will probably want to go in different directions and find someone a bit more sensitive!