Compatibility for Life Path 5 and 9

With a number NINE your own restlessness and changeability as a FIVE is greatly emphasised. Although they share your urge to travel, and yes, you will certainly go willingly together anywhere, everywhere, and often. You are likely to take the lead, and life could be very exciting for a time.

You will naturally promote this person’s higher powers and acting ability, self-belief and their dedication to what they believe they can do. It will probably be you who pushes them off the fence, catalysing action, or even making their mind up for them!

A NINE can also balance out your own vacillations and prod your talents to produce something concrete. This is a “voltage” contact, so it will either work absolutely and from the start, or never and not at all. Your sensuality with each other should be terrific, but there will be less time for talk about philosophical subjects if this is a love relationship. This will probably be a here and now affair.