Compatibility for Life Path 5 and 6

This is a very unusual association indeed, for you and your lovely gentle SIX person are variant beings and yet, there is still a spark of something there. They are sensitive and cultured, with a tendency to sit back and watch others enjoying the generous and excellent hospitality they can provide.

A SIX is a little bit conservative in his tastes, where you are inclined to bold and adventurous combinations of colour and style. They may eventually grow a little fat on the good life – though never quite losing those classic good looks! You are metabolic quicksilver and will prefer not to be idle if your waistline even starts to thicken. In the future, career-wise, you will use your sharp eye for artistic talents that could stir them out of their laziness.

You may also appreciate the cool serenity they show when your own affairs become too frenetic. If you take on the role of joker and don’t mind initiating the daring, romantic surprises you know you enjoy in relationships, you will find SIX a willing follower with plenty of stylish contributions of their own to make.

You will either be too different in the beginning to entertain the idea of a relationship, or you may have a masterly association as this combination makes up the Master Number ELEVEN, so you could end up amazing everybody at the depth, strength and warmth of your bond.