Compatibility for Life Path 5 and 3

Keep your number THREE admirer a friend long enough to go into business with them one day. If it’s still working out well, you should continue as great and lasting friends and may even end up as lovers. Together you have infinite possibilities and are actually surprisingly well matched.

You are different yet alike, needing similar things, both wonderful communicators and doers rather than talkers. Everybody loves you; you should look great standing side by side and exude a happy magnetism. You will know how to advertise a THREE’s star qualities and be proud of them; they appreciates your great personal charm and quick- wittedness.

Should you decide embark on a career or moneymaking venture together you will have a great desire to get things done quickly, but this may be a mistake! Don’t be too hasty, for there is time to explore many different possibilities. You will probably undertake a variety of schemes simultaneously, just to keep you both on your toes.

Yes, this whole relationship works, but you should be ready and willing to give it time in the beginning and get to know each other well. Being so alike and yet not the same, there is a danger that you expect too much of each other and are just subtly wrong. Remember you both need your freedom and the right to express yourselves individually.