Compatibility for Life Path 4 and 7

A relationship with a SEVEN can in many ways be your best hope of making a truly inspired tie. If the relationship/partnership lasts long enough you will probably find that the Master Number (ELEVEN) of the relationship as an entity can enlighten, support and bond you together in ways you haven’t yet dreamt of!

You have the capability of understanding the secretive side of this character, for they can tend not to express themselves very well. A SEVEN is often a loner because of misunderstandings with others. But they are also sincere, and unlikely to play with your emotions; so if you are still together after a few months, chances are it’s being played for keeps, so may go on for some time!

If this is a business relationship, architecture, design, media or even IT may be a viable platform from which to combine your talents. Within a romantic relationship you are both able to communicate with each other in a way that no one else can. You two are cut from the same cloth, and as the sum FOUR and SEVEN is the Master Number ELEVEN, this is quite obviously a potentially masterful and special association.