Compatibility for Life Path 4 and 3

This is certainly more of a business relationship than a love one. This THREE is so different from you that love will probably never really flower. Although you will respect their public persona, you will probably find that they are careless with many things in their lives and find it difficult to really focus on important issues.

If you want to pursue this relationship be prepared to compromise and compromise hard, THREE cannot stay in one place too long and this can make them seem reckless and carefree, whereas you are usually quite traditional and conservative. These attributes rarely, if ever come together in a cohesive unit.

You will only make this association work if you can get this THREE to realise that you are sensitive, but you must also be equally prepared to broaden your own thinking to embrace the concepts he or she may offer you. Obviously if you are prepared to do these things, there may be some hope as this person can help realise your wildest dreams (sometimes), but you will really have to learn to bide your temper and not allow yourself to be goaded into reactions.