Compatibility for Life Path 3 and 5

There is balance when you are in relationship with a FIVE, whether in business or love. Business dealings with FIVE types can work out very well, and out of business dealing can spring a long and mutually satisfying friendship, which may end up in a love situation, or possibly as one of those natural things that happen after you’ve known each other for some time.

You are both strong communicators and believe in getting things done and not messing around. However this combination can be altogether too hasty for its own good.

Your number FIVE will be proud of you and your relationship, and is not afraid to show it. They like similar things to you and you find mutual satisfaction in each other’s qualities. FIVE’s usually are snappy dressers, you will appreciate this quite a lot and will enjoy being in their company.

You will draw attention wherever you go because of your joint charisma. Don’t rush this relationship, whatever form it takes, there are many levels you need to understand about each other if it is go from strength to strength. This combination will work only if you are both committed to a long haul, and allow your relationship/friendship to unfold rather than rush into things head on. High expectations may ruin it, as will limiting each others freedom and room for individual pursuits at all times.