Compatibility for Life Path 3 and 3

Of all the people under the stars a THREE with a THREE is very likely to be your match made in heaven! Everything you would dream for is possible with this person, whether in love or in a friendship it’s all there for the taking. Money, joy, happiness and adventure is all there waiting for you.

The depth of understanding is truly wonderful, after you’ve been together a little while you’ll finish each other’s sentences and feel more spiritually in tune than you have ever been before. You stand side by side, neither desirous of taking over the other, allowing each other to lead in the areas where the strength lies, yet understanding that when there is fear that protection is needed.

Do not take this combination to mean that all people who are the same number will get on like this, for many same number combinations are highly volatile. You will both need to be careful in your financial dealings for you are both inclined to put all your eggs in one basket and leave things to chance or luck. More often than not this may work out OK in the end, but it is something to be mindful of throughout this union.

Physically and sensually you will be attracted to each other, and as friends you should be highly tuned into each other’s intellectual workings. If you get past the initial stages of a romance with another THREE and can look at them as your reflection without flinching and seeing all your bad bits, this is one relationship, friendship or working relationship that could go far and produce a long lasting and productive union.