Compatibility for Life Path 3 and 2

The old saying that opposites attract may well have been written for this meeting of a THREE and a TWO. You are from different sides of the track in regards your character, you are probably outgoing and gregarious whereas a TWO is quite happy in their own company, and exudes an air of serenity and quietness that you may initially find quite attractive. So it isn’t surprising that you are physically attracted to each other.

You enjoy the shyness they exhibit as it can make you feel protective, whereas they respect your outward going nature. As this relationship develops greater interest and understanding may grow between you also. Your natural leadership as a THREE may dominate though it may not be such a bad thing, as it will draw them out, Cancer like from their shell.

Your impatience, creativity and gregarious nature may give you cause for reflection when the TWO allows you to assume so much leadership and control in the direction of the relationship you have. You may not like the fact that you have to take so much responsibility, and may even see them as ‘spineless’.

You are opposites, and can compliment one another, though in love you could get easily distracted when other numbers come calling and will probably never truly understand or comprehend what this TWO offers as a safe haven from the outside world, simply because you find it difficult to enter the one in which they live, full of peace, tranquillity and wisdom. One-night stands, short affairs, perhaps friendship, but not long lasting.