Compatibility for Life Path 3 and 11

Anyone with a Master Number can look highly attractive, but you may never really know why! Your curiosity may be well and truly piqued by the arrival of an ELEVEN into your stratosphere! They exude magnetism and seem very different from the rest. Well of course you’re curious about this person, they are after all an ELEVEN!

They are incredibly attractive, different and charismatic, but are probably only looking for one thing – you guessed it! This combination is a very physical one; you are attracted to each other’s outward characteristics of vivacity, energy and positive vibes. But you are very different creatures really. Together you’ll look to be a great couple to others but are actually more likely to rub each other up the wrong way most of the time.

You are both incredibly independent and will end up arguing about what you want to do. A number ELEVEN will be more likely to leave to find more amenable friends and partners when you do not listen or acquiesce to their appeals. They are not really very easygoing people, for all their outward appearances. If you want a quick fling, then this can set off fireworks, enjoy the journey because there is not likely to be a destination with any relationship with this number.