Compatibility for Life Path 3 and 1

Because you and a ONE are very similar in that you both enjoy being the leader in a relationship or friendship, there are bound to be a few conflicts of interest or clashes of personality. Be this as it may, you can also truly understand this counterpart ONE in your life and will very often be able to make the most of whatever is going on in your lives together and quite happily.

With a ONE there will always be very interesting discussions, sometime heated, but they’ll be interesting and stimulating nonetheless. There is potential in this union of minds to go into ventures or partnerships that are money-spinners. You may find that motivational speaking is an area that you are both interested in developing.

This is probably something neither of you would do alone, but with each other’s support and understanding anything seems possible. It will be important in any relationship with a ONE to handle all your own money and accounts.

Love between a THREE and a ONE can sometimes border on aggression, and there’ll be many times when you compete for the same space, however, once united to face a threat or obstacle you can be a force to be reckoned with. But if you are to make a go of this relationship in a love sense, you will have to be the one to learn to co-operate and back down more than they.

ONE’s can be egocentric and arrogant, and believe they need no one else in their lives to make it work. In this way a ONE sometimes seems aloof and quite a loner. To make this relationship or union work you are going to have to work hard on making any social contact interesting to them if you are ever going to get them out of their own groove.