Compatibility for Life Path 11 and 3

Get ready for a physical “fling” with a THREE. You are as different as chalk and cheese in many ways, but you are both brimming with positive energy and the combination may turn out to be very lucky.

The attraction between these two numbers is mainly physical, as good-looking, optimistic THREE appeals to your sense of style and wit and always manages to make you laugh. You will be popular together, inspire each other, and have the same spirit of adventure. But you are also likely to irritate each other simply because you like doing things your own way, and in most instances is substantially different to what they want to do.

They can talk so much that you might feel unable to contribute your important observations (not good for your ELEVEN ego) and you would probably choose your friends more selectively than the do. They are incredibly easy-going and not so critical of others as you, and they have the ability to make life easy and can create a party with almost anyone! If a passionate and stormy romance is in the offing, go for it! – But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t last.