Compatibility for Life Path 1 and 8

Sparks can fly! An EIGHT can be as aggressive as you, this interesting combination, if you decide to work together, can be rather effective. Your combination and co-operation may come through being able to read each other’s body language and understand one another without words; you are both true to your word and will see whatever you start together to the end.

You both have energetic dispositions, determination and may have a strong intuitive link. The opposite holds true also, for you can antagonise each other without words too, become rivals and enemies without truly ever knowing why. However if you can work together calmly and clearly and combine the talents and skills you each have, the union can be quite positive. You both should like having fun, and will probably make the best of what time you have with each other.

In a physical union however, because you are both sexually powerful it may explode and have the potential to be quite dangerous, as you both want to be a leader not a follower, this can destroy friendships and relationships very quickly. Success will come only from you both co-operating and allowing each other to alternately take the lead irrespective of whether in business or in love. Business wise this is a good team and more often than not you will be very appreciative of one another’s strengths.