Compatibility for Life Path 1 and 1

Just because two people have the same number does not mean that they will be perfect for each other in a permanent relationship. But those people who both are number ONE do have a better chance of survival!

You will probably know each other quite well, will want the same types of things and probably will both have a need for action, adventure and excitement, yet will both need some time for the pursuit of personal interests and time to be alone. In order to avoid constant friction about who is going to take the lead in the relationship however, you may have to calm down any aggressive streak.

Because you will both be rather independent you should be able to lead alternatively rather than fight about it. Certainly life won’t be dull. Learning to use your energy co-operatively will open up the variety to what you can do and achieve together.

You will probably feel quite a strong physical and sexual attraction that can be almost intoxicating, this can be helpful as you will both be inventive and strongly physical in your demonstration of love, and will not be afraid to try different approaches. Each of you will be able to read each others desires and energy for the most part but you should avoid power struggles as you are both born leaders and you will never agree on which one of you should take the front seat.

Better then to share the load, respect each other’s power and harmonise your talents and skills in order to discover that ONE plus ONE really does equal TWO! – The perfect couple!