Compatibility for Life Path 9 and 8

Whatever else an EIGHT is, they are also your ideal business partner. Here you will find yourself organised into making money using all your talents and skills to the best use possible. In return you will offer all the backing and support you have in order that they too realise their goals.

This EIGHT also shares a philosophical and mystical outlook, the sheer power of this combined with their character and presence will certainly impress you. You are very different, but this would not hinder progress together provided you are prepared to let the EIGHT initiate things. When they find the going gets a bit rough, they will turn to you, for who better to advise and listen than someone so closely attuned to them? In a relationship they will probably try to impress you with expensive gifts and stylish, glamorous restaurants. But that’s probably quite a good thing really!

That doesn’t sound too bad now does it? If you’re going to make this work with an EIGHT you’ll just have to submit and enjoy it. If this particular EIGHT is less high-minded and more totally materialistic than other EIGHT’s they might drive you mad with talk of nothing but money and success. You are going to have to sort out whether you are dealing with an EIGHT who is only interested in the “lower” world, or one that is, (like its two circles), beautifully balanced between the upper world of spirit and the lower of materialism!