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Looking for Your Valentine by the Numbers

Are you looking for your valentine, your one and only sweetheart? Have you met someone who piques your curiosity, but you’d like to know more about him or her?

Numerology can quickly give you the answer you are looking for. Each vowel in the alphabet has a different numerical value. Use the full name at birth. Add up the number value of each vowel and then reduce the total to a single digit.

A = 1 (1st letter)

E = 5 (5th letter)

I = 9 (9th letter)

O = 6 (15th letter; 1+5=6)

U = 3 (21st letter; 2+1=3)

As an example, add up and “digit out” the vowels in the name Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor:

5+9+1+5 + 6+5+6 + 1+6 = 44; 4+4=8 Lover

Elizabeth’s vowels digit out to 8, indicating that she has an ambitious heart. She tends to seek friends, lovers, and spouses who are famous, rich, or extremely successful. The underlying motives for marriage are usually personal ambition and a desire to achieve higher social standing. Elizabeth has a strong sexual drive and is easily aroused, but she is often too busy with her career to be romantic for long.

By adding up the number value of each of the vowels in a name, you can discover a person’s heart’s desire and what kind of a lover he or she is.

Number 1Number 1 LOVER

This person is romantic, warmhearted, and outgoing in love. He will love you with all his heart, and he expects the same from you. In fact, a little adulation doesn’t hurt. He has a strong sexual drive, and his lovemaking is flamboyant and ardent. The Number 1 male will take his loved one out to gourmet restaurants and enjoys all kinds of entertainment and partying. The Number 1 female will cook up lavish meals served by candlelight, and she is a great party giver. The Number 1 lover is generous, sometimes outrageously so. This individual exudes supreme confidence and prefers to be boss.

Number 2Number 2 LOVER

Whereas the Number 1 lover is confident and takes the lead, the Number 2 lover is tenderhearted and a little bit insecure. You may have to take the initiative with this one. With encouragement and appreciation, this person opens up and blossoms. She is romantic, emotional, and highly impressionable and susceptible. She takes a relationship seriously and can go completely overboard, so this isn’t the kind of person to get involved with in a casual affair. Her heart’s desire is for marriage and togetherness. She will quietly minister to your comfort in little, unobtrusive ways.

Number 3Number 3 LOVER

This is the ultimate lover who wears his heart on his sleeve. He wants to love and to be loved, and he will do everything in his power to make you happy. Ideally, he wants a marriage where two hearts beat as one, while at the same time enjoying an active social life. Friendly, charming, and agreeable, you can usually find him in the center of a throng of admirers — mostly of the opposite sex. He is drawn to people who are attractive, well-mannered, and intelligent. Crudeness, bad manners, and ugly surroundings are offensive to the Number 3 lover.

Number 4Number 4 LOVER

This individual has a strong sex drive and is easily aroused. By no means passive, she takes an active part in lovemaking and never wastes time shilly-shallying around. She isn’t a flowery or imaginative lover, and is embarrassed by too much emotion and sentiment. This person is conservative at heart; she finds unconventional behavior rather shocking. Once she settles down to the lover of her choice, she is a serious lover, sincere and dependable. Being work-oriented, she wants a mate who is practical, down-to-earth, and willing to share in the workload. She doesn’t want someone who is lazy or frivolous.

Number 5Number 5 LOVER

Five is the number of life experience. This person wants to try everything out, and he isn’t particularly conventional. Restless and fickle by nature, he resists being tied down to anything or anyone for too long. He is attracted to the opposite sex, and has had his share of romantic adventures. What is “out there” has a lot more appeal to him than what is right under his nose. The way to capture this person’s heart is not to try and put it in a cage. Give him his freedom and he will fly to you! He will make an interesting companion and friend as long as you don’t expect consistency. You will never be bored with this person.

Number 6Number 6 LOVER

Although the Number 6 lover has a deep desire to love and be loved, she has very high ideals regarding marriage. For this reason, she may remain single, feeling that she can’t live up to the generosity and support she so dearly wants to give. However, once she makes a commitment, she gives the best she has to offer to her loved ones. She also demands in return the same expression of love, appreciation, and approval that she gives out. With this person, family and loved ones come first. She contributes her share and more. You couldn’t ask for a better wife or husband.

Number 7Number 7 LOVER

This individual has a high sense of perfection. He is extremely selective and discriminating in friendship and romance. He is something of the stoic, and can live without love, but within a reserved exterior is the capacity for a depth of passion and feeling few have experienced. This person cannot marry simply for companionship, sex, or superficial values. There has to be something more profound, preferably a soulmate. When he finds his mate and opens his heart, his love is deep and lasting. He doesn’t want to be tied to someone who is incessantly talking. He must have time to be alone and quiet.

Number 8Number 8 LOVER

This person has a strong sex drive, but romance may take a back seat to achieving financial security, material progress, position, and prestige. She seeks a strong and capable mate who is an asset to her ambitions. Unsentimental and unemotional, she doesn’t want to be pulled down by weakness and lack of strength in others. For her, worldly success and standing come first. For this reason, she is cautious about truly giving her heart. A relationship must withstand the test of time before she will commit herself to marriage. However, once she takes that step, she becomes a loyal and dutiful — albeit not a particularly demonstrative — spouse.

Number 9Number 9 LOVER

Although this person has a romantic, loving heart, he is independent. Marrying a jealous or possessive person would be a big mistake for him. He tends to be involved with large affairs and many people, and anyone who thinks they have his whole attention is in for a rude shock. Deep in his heart he is an idealist, and he is often discouraged when he is unable to reach his ideals or find them in others. But when manifesting the highest aspect of 9, he accepts people just as they are. His deep, intuitive understanding enables him to touch many hearts. By expressing love, compassion and tolerance, he draws to himself the friendship and love of many people, as well as personal love.

Is your heart resonating with the lover of your choice? If his love number is a 5 and he is a restless flirt, and your heart is a 6 and you want a stable, lasting marriage, chances are this person isn’t the right one for you. But a love with someone whose heart is compatible with yours could be the love you’ve dreamed of.