Life Path 9


Life Path 9The lesson you must learn is the satisfaction of giving – of yourself, your time, and your effort – without any thought of reward. It is a simple lesson in theory but a very difficult one in practice and is by for one of the most difficult lessons to learn. You must learn the practice of selflessness, giving up material posessions or ambitions for the common good. Your love and compassion must be expressed with purity and understanding with no thought of rteturn or reward. The satisfaction of giving is the easy bit. The difficulty of course is the lack of return.

Your reward must come from the giving. If you seek for more, or have ulterior motives, your path will become difficult and you will find little reward or satisfaction.

Number 9 is a power source. Add 9 to any other number and then breal the answer down to a single digit, you end up with the number you added 9 to – for instance; 9 + 4 = 13 > 1 + 3 = 4. This equasion implies that the potential energy of the number 9 can be used to amplify any other single digit number. 9 is like electricity. If you plug something into it you get the use of the appliance. If you plug nothing into it, the energy goes round and round in circles on the ring main.

The same principle applies to the energy source of your Life Path 9. It is designed to help others; to enhance and amplify other peoples potential. As a consequence, the number 9 is very adaptable. Their ability to diversify is great and can be a distinct advantage to potential employers. 9’s affinity with electricity doesn’t stop there.

The potential of Life Path 9 is ‘all or nothing’. 9 will do anything with 100% commitment …. and nothing with 100% adamance. 9, however, is not suited to inactivity. You may find yourself fidgity and restless when there is nothing apparent to do. Number 9 is generally sociable, tolerant and broad minded with a tendancy to be a little over the top at times, especially when enthused by an idea or a heated discussion. Number 9 has the propensity to get themselves involved. You must therefore learn to develop discretion and observe propriety.

The further up the single digit scale, the harder each energy potential becomes to handle. Many 9’s may struggle for some time before the lesson can be achieved. The negative 9 is quite common and noticeable when you find yourself considering unrealisitc idealisms, or going off in all directions at once and achieving nothing in the process. Number 9 is a doer and can tend to be the thrusting number behind impulsiveness. Consideration would be prudent before jumping in with both feet.

Most 9’s may feel resentful at times toward the lack of return. Selfishness and insensitivity can occur due to a feeling of disillusionment. At times like this you must be careful to guard against destructive tendancies. Fortunately this kind of phase cannot be sustained for any lenght of time. Life Path 9 person must learn moderation wherever possible.