Life Path 8


Life Path 8The lesson you must learn is the satisfaction of the material world and the correct application of its powers. You will have been endowed with the potential for ambition and the desire to succeed. You will be concerned with money, posessions, status and power, measuring yourself against the success of others. You must learn direction and the correct use of ambition. The number 8 of this Life Path is very emotional and it may take a little while to master the potential of this energy. At first you may achieve little until you learn self motivation, goal setting and realistic targets.

Materialism is a very difficult lesson to learn. 5% of the worlds population are materially successful. That means that 95% are not! Ambition must be learned. It must be realistic and it must have a direction to go in. The number 8 is more often then not responsible for the lazy streak in people. Just as dark is merely an absence of light – so idleness is an absence of motivation. The go-getters of this world are not all born thus. Constant self motivation takes discipline and discipline requires effort.

Effort is often made when there is a reward at the end of it and this is where ambition and direction come in. Some people set there goals too high and try to run before they can walk. The number 8 must learn patience and steady progress – the proof of which can be seen in the ‘bust / boom’ politics of the 1980’s.

Life Path 8 person  must also learn the benefits of ethics. All big businesses have employees and clients or customers. Greed is often the biggest downfall of any ambitious person. Ruthlessness has its place but the most sustainable businesses are those where the profits can be benefited by all. This aspect of the number 8 also applies to your personal life. In learning the aspects of a materialistic world you must also learn the most profitable use of money. Number 8 is geared toward the benefit of labour-saving devices and the pleasure and rewards that money has to offer. The number 8 must learn the benefits of budgeting and keep in perspective the ratio between effort and reward.

Materialism is not the whole of life and this is often the one thing that the number 8 may tend to forget. All work and no play can make the number 8 callous and unaffectionate. Material success is also reflected in the love that surrounds you; after all – what good is status if there is no-one around to see or share it? In contrast, all play and no work makes number 8 a very undesirable character. 8 has material needs and must be prepared to work for them.

Number 8 can often demonstrate an adept ability at directing other people. You should perhaps consider that if you can see the problems of others, they in turn can see yours. You must therefore resist the temptation to become stubborn, Number 8’s weakness is pride so you would do well to place common sense before ego.