Life Path 7


Life Path 7The lesson you must learn is the peace of mind that comes with understanding. You will have been endowed with a good mind and a fine intuition. You will also have been endowed with a different perspective to others. The reason for this is so that you may study and contemplate; to challenge the established and the orthodox.

You must learn not to judge by appearances only but to use and trust your intuition. The emphasis of Life Path 7 lesson steers away from the material aspects of life so you must learn and understand the non-material and philosophical. Material opportunities will arise and you must learn to take advantage of this, but to pursue the material alone will leave you empty and dissatisfied. You will that you are on a completely different wavelength to others and may therefore find it difficult to understand them and vica versa. You may even find some difficulty in understanding yourself but that is part of the lesson too.

Number 7 is the number of knowledge, analysis, understanding and questions. You are likely to question everything – even what may appear to others to be the very obvious – and will look deeply and continuously for ‘the catch’ or flaw until you are absolutely satisfied that everything is as it should be. The questioning number 7 will also question themselves and there own decisions and this is often the stumbling block for this Life Path. Your intuition, or psychic ability if you like, is natural and has to be developed along with all your other skills and abilities.

To make any headway with this lesson, you must learn to trust yourself and to build up your self confidence. This may seem easy to some people but for you it is unlikely to be. Number 7 is not conventional or orthodox and the ‘differentness’ can often be felt. Life Path 7 lesson however is important to mankind. Without it we could all lose the perspective of truth. Society has laws and conventional behaviour guidelines but as society changes, so must the guidelines.

Your lesson is one of the most important lessons for the development and momentum of human evolution. 7 is the number of the teacher, the philosopher and the esoteric. Number 7 can be reserved and thoughtful, an observer of life, trying to reach the keys to its mysteries.

The most difficult aspect for Life Path 7 is that we all live in a material world. This number is, quite frankly, not geared to it. As a consequence you must try to avoid becoming too introspective to the point of solitude, or indeed become materially minded, tactless and undiplomatic. Both aspects of these paths are often cold and lonely places. F

or you to succeed in the material world you will often find outlets in the unorthodox or unusual. Number 7 is still considered today, by some, to be a ‘lucky number’. There is always an element of truth in superstition and for you this means that, as long as you make yourself available, opportunities will arise – often in the most unlikely places. Above all, you must learn to trust you intuition. Your first thoughts are usually the right ones.