Life Path 6


Life Path 6The lesson you must learn is the satisfaction of balance, responsibility and harmony. You will have been endowed with the potential to give help and comfort whenever needed, to support those too weak to support themselves. You are likely to find yourself responsible for more than you fair share but you must accept that which is your responsibility and learn to serve family, friends and relatives.  Life Path 6 has the gift of ‘impersonal love’.

You have a sense of propriety that demands fairness to all. As love and harmony emanates from within you, so it will be reciprocated. You must be there to help, sometimes even to your own disadvantage but you must also be able to discriminate between: helping / interfering, helping / being taken for a ride, helping / slavery. You must learn to create balance without guilt, responsibility without inequality and harmony without disproportion.

Life Path 6 pertains to the family and the home. 6 can be considered to be the most likely of all the single digit numbers to finish what has been started. 6 is helpful by nature and will seldom be found inactive. Number 6 is a ‘doer’ and can make excellent organisers. The positive potential of the number 6 is punctuality, responsibility and conscientiousness. It is within your power to create a loving and harmonious atmosphere around you.

You are likely to have a creative flair which can be as versatile as juggling with finances to tastefully decorating your home. Number 6 has a propensity to build up lists in the mind and as a consequence can posess an excellent memory retention. In business, the number 6 has the potential to be an excellent administrator because they are good organisers and like to have everything in its proper place.

The stumbling block of this lesson is to balance harmony with responsibility. You must learn that your first responsibility is toward yourself. Likewise, everyone else is responsible for themselves. You may be asked to help someone – be it family or friends – and you must understand that your task is to help them to help themselves. If you find that you are living other peoples lives for them then you must hand the responsibility back to its rightful owner.

Most people with this Life Path have two main difficulties: Guilt, and saying ‘NO’. By doing neither of these you may find that inequality leads to resentment and the harmony will be only temporary. There are times when conflict will arise and you must learn that sooner is better than later to deal with it. Only this way can true harmony and balance become established. Harmony is not offering yourself as the proverbial ‘sacrificial lamb’ to all who demand it. It is helping others to participate in creating love and harmony that can benefit all – including yourself.