Life Path 4


Life Path 4The lesson you must learn is the advantage of system, order and limitation. Your lesson will be learned in the application of reliability, order, service and hard work. You must learn to live within the laws of limitation and form – of life, environment, physical and mental. You may feel that your circumstances limit you more than others but this is because there are no short cuts for you; no ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

Everything that you do must be accomplished in a step-by-step systematic fashion. Limitations are boundaries that turn chaotic forces into balanced form. Therefore you must learn to accept restrictions rather than struggle against them. If you can live, not in spite of but, in harmony with your limitations – you will find your path in life not only easier, but based on a solid firm foundation where much better and more sustainable objectives can be achieved.

You must learn to pay attention to detail without losing sight of the whole picture and try not to feel bogged down, frustrated or tunnel visioned. You have been endowed with a tenacity and determination. Used positively, you can accomplish almost anything with steady patient progress. You must try to refrain from becoming rigid, stubborn or obstinate. You must learn to be organised, responsible and accountable for your actions.

Life Path 4 is the foundation stone of the single digit numbers upon which all things are built. Without system and order there would be chaos and destruction. Number 4 pertains to security. People with this number are endowed with a sense of logic and must learn to use it to create order and security around them.

Number 4 is also highly intuitive as this number relates to the stomach and what is commonly known as ‘gut reactions’. You are therefore inclined to feel more comfortable with things that are safe and reliable. You will not allow yourself to be led by the nose into any situation that you cannot see the probable outcome of. Number 4 will want to see the plans first before committing themselves.

The lesson of system and order may take some time to achieve. The biggest stumbling block for most 4’s is a legendary stubbornness, rigidity and a close mind that can, if left unchecked, put the subject into a self-destruct mode. Number 4 must learn to pay attention to detail but must also be aware that the whole picture must be kept in perspective.

Number 4 pertains to propriety and is sometimes considered to be the ‘stuffed shirt’ of Numerology. Life Path 4 demands honesty and will accept nothing less, yet as the subject learns this lesson there is a tendency to cling tenaciously to a thread of truth whilst ignoring a catalogue of irresponsible actions. In other words, the number 4 hates to be wrong but accountability is part of this lesson too. Most lessons are learned by trial and error. You must learn to accept you fair share of mistakes.