Life Path 22


With this lesson you must bear in mind that all people with the Life Path 22 must begin by learning the lesson of the number 4. You must read the lesson of Life Path number 4 before this one.

The lesson you must learn is the ultimate mastery of combining the highest ideals with enormous power in order to achieve the largest of material goals.

Number 22 is a ‘Master Number’ and is the most difficult lesson to learn in Numerology. You will have been endowed with added perceptions, awareness, capabilities of understanding PLUS the ability to attain anything and everything by way of material accomplishments. You must learn first of all, and this is the difficult part of the lesson, to focus and harness this enormous energy.

You must also work for the benefit of mankind in order to achieve your own ultimate growth. You will have the potential ability for great undertakings. In fact the potential is awesome and the magnitude of your accomplishments merely depend upon your ability to harness this energy.

The practical application of this lesson is extremely difficult. Number 22 wants to be not only good at what they do – they want to be the best! Number 22 will always be found striving for the highest performance, the best they can possibly achieve. To put it another way, they are looking for perfection. Anything else isn’t good enough and number 22 has the tenacity to keep going long after everyone else has given up.

Before you can even begin to grasp the vast potential of the number 22 you must first be able to master the lesson of the number 4. Without the foundation and practicality of the number 4, your ideals and ambitions will always be based on ‘pie in the sky’ and big ideas which are impractical.

Most people may grasp the lesson of the number 4 by their early 40’s but those who do not will never reach the 22’s tremendous capabilities. Just as the number 4 rules the stomach, so the number 22 carries with it a physical manifested nervous energy that invariably hits the stomach area.

Even during early childhood, others will see an ability in you and may consider that you always seem to be capable of more than you actually accomplish during your educational years. This perception may continue well into adulthood until you learn to grasp the significant benefits that can be achieved through the positive aspect of the number 4 Life Path lesson.

Most 22’s however can spend a great deal of time struggling and even rebelling against the limitations and restrictions of reality before reluctantly accepting the inevitable. With the 4 Life Path this can take up to the age of approximately 28 – 36. Those who do not grasp the potential of the number 4, by the time they reach their early 40’s may never come to grips with the 22 Life Path lesson but will not escape the tension that its presence manifests. When the number 22 is firmly grounded in reality, your potential is limitless.