Life Path 14


The Karmic Debt of the number 14/5 is due, it is believed to the lack of organisation / priority / application to ones tasks in a previous incarnation. Such ineptitude would have caused much frustration and dissatisfaction with ones family / friends / work associates. Your indifference would have made others feel that your participation was not a worthy or profitable contribution.

What this does not mean is that you will experience the same things done to you in the same way. The debt you have is brought with you so no-one else is involved in the cause, otherwise the debt would be perpetually moved from person to person. What the presence of this Karmic Debt does mean is that you must learn to experience the feelings and emotions that come with delays, frustrations and restrictions.

The number 1 of the 14 Life Path represents the individual / the ego / your own personal experiences. The number 4 represents organisation and limitations. To repay this debt you must learn the benefits of system and apply yourself to the boring and mundane as well as the interesting and desirable, thereby creating for yourself the necessary space to pursue the interests of your choice.

Because of this Karmic Debt, the Life Path lesson that you must learn will be the same as the 5 but you are likely to portray a more extreme negative of its potential to begin with. As a consequence you must learn to conquer this negativity before you can repay the debt and ultimately learn the positive potential of the Life Path lesson. In the meantime you are likely to experience a restriction of personal freedom until you learn to apply yourself to routine.

The overbalanced 5 is a butterfly, flitting from one thing to another and unable to settle down or accomplish anything meaningful. They are restless, impatient, easily distracted and indifferent to the feelings of others. All that counts for them is the new and exciting. This person is inclined to spend a lot of energy achieving nothing and acquiring nothing. Life, they believe, has no hold over them. Some may overindulge in the physical pleasures and may even be beguiled into the excitement of the illegal.

The underbalanced 5 is stagnant and unadaptable. They are unlikely to accept change and can be argumentative and objectionable. Their lifestyle is superficial and aimless. They will scratch at routine tasks and shirk away from any lengthy job if they possibly can. Much may be started with enthusiasm but seldom completed. They will wind people up just for something to do.

Life Path 14 person must find middle ground between exemption and disassociation. True freedom must contain a peace of mind that can only be achieved if the person concerned knows that they have a clear path ahead of them and their house is organised and is in order; both literally and metaphorically speaking.