Life Path 11


With this lesson you must bear in mind that all people with this Life Path must begin by learning the lesson of the number 2. You must read the lesson of Life Path number 2 before this one.

The lesson you must learn is an awareness of the spiritual / non-material world. This is a ‘ Master Number’ and its energy potential is extremely difficult to handle. You will have been endowed with added perceptions, added awareness and different capabilities and understanding. These potentials will take a great deal of effort to develop and you must bear in mind at all times that your feet must always be planted firmly on the ground.

Otherwise any ability that you do develop will be useless to everyone, including yourself. Once developed you will have the potential capability to attain far more than others. You must learn to ‘tune in’ to the forces around you and develop your intuition. Much useful information can be gleaned from psychic or occult studies. With knowledge comes understanding and illumination. It is important that you use your awareness and illumination for others benefit.

The practical application of this lesson is extremely difficult. 11 is often known as the number of the dreamer because of the subjects natural aloofness with the material world. Also number 11 has the propensity to come up with big ideas and solutions which are not always thought through properly and can. more often than not, be totally impractical. But such is the nature of the number 11, without which there may never have been such wild and improbable inventions as the motor car or Apollo 11 (The first spaceship to land a man on the Moon).

The difference between the 11 Life Path and the 2 Life Path is that the number 11 is made up of 1 & 1. Because the single digit numbers are the same, they are not broken down to a number 2. Number 1 by itself is independent and polarised whereas number 2 is dualistic. 11 can therefore find itself thinking apart from the company of others (the influence of the number 1 ), but will invariably find the need for companionship (the influence of the number 2). Such a difference can often make the 11/2 indecisive or even impulsive, 11’s sensitivity can also be too intense.

The potential energy behind this master number is so vast that all people with this number may never come to grips with it until maybe much later in life; normally around the early 40’s. It is therefore wise to suggest that those with this number should concentrate initially on the lesson of number 2 which is merely a lower vibration of the number 11.

Until you are able to master that lesson the number 11 Life Path will be far too difficult to handle and may even manifest itself physically with nervous tension or a nervous neurological condition. If the lesson of the number 2 hasn’t been mastered by the mid 40’s, the energy of the 11 may never be attainable in this lifetime. Whether this happens or not, the number 11 must strive at all times to remain aware of the truths of reality, however harsh, and aim to work toward realistic ideals.