Life Path 1


Life Path 1The lesson you must learn is the benefit of independence. It is a two-part lesson. First you must learn to stand on your own two feet and not be dependent on others. Second, the harder part of the lesson, is to attain and achieve by your own independent and individual efforts.

This number is the first of the single digit numbers and its principle is indicative of one who stands alone. To some, this Life Path lesson may seem simple to learn but for those who have it, it is not. Number 1 is isolated and has been blessed (or cursed) with a strong imagination and a polarity of thought.  For the number 1 there can be only one way to accomplish anything – namely ‘my way’.

Number 1’s will do what they want, when they want and how they want. Any other permutation will make them uncomfortable and insecure or they will just rigidly refuse to comply – depending on their strength of character. If accepted unwillingly, the task in hand may be attempted half-heartedly or with resentment. The number 1 likes to give orders or work by themselves. They hate being supervised or to have anyone looking over their shoulders. If they are in the company of others they will be the one who will want to lead the proceedings, if not they will be on their own. Number 1 is a leader or a loner.

Number 1 has a great imagination so it is not surprising that this number pertains to literature. The best form of escapism for someone with this Life Path is between the pages of a book or any other form of solitary entertainment. Other numbers in the core elements of your chart may indicate a more social type of person but the 1 Life Path will strongly defend his /her own personal boundaries regardless.

The most difficult part of the lesson for the number 1 Life Path is to achieve and attain. The satisfaction comes from your own efforts. You must learn and develop self motivation, confidence and belief in your own capabilities. You must learn to develop leadership capabilities, delegation, planning, self discipline and an understanding of the needs of other people.

The last item on this list is probably the hardest to accomplish. Life Path 1 can find it very difficult to relate to opinions that extend outside their own beliefs or experiences. If you can come to terms with the idea that not everyone thinks the same as you do – you will be half way to discovering new and greater horizons than you ever thought imaginable.

Some number 1’s tend to lack confidence in themselves, more so in the earlier part of life, and consequently tend to suffer in silence. This is commonly true of the 19/1. Others are more outward and can be great at opinionating but lousy when it comes to listening: and even if they do listen it doesn’t seem to help. This is likely to manifest in the numbers 1 and 10, and to some degree for the number 28. For both cases, the number 1 must avoid the tendency to become single minded or polarized. You must learn to keep an open mind always.