Numerology FAQ

Q. Does this numerology really mean anything?

A. People have used numbers for enlightenment and divination for thousands of years. From ancient times to the modern day, numerology has been practiced by nearly every culture on the planet. In fact one of the pioneers of numerology, Pythagoras is still mentioned in math classes today!

All matter has some sort of vibration. This vibration can be expressed in numbers. This vibration is also echoed by what it is called-its name. Through your name, you exhibit and receive vibrations through patterns. The knowledge of who you are, what sort of patterns you experience and the timing of these patterns is one of the greatest gifts.

To know these things, you can better utilize your strengths, diminish your weaknesses and move within the flow of your life. You can then use your energy more wisely and get to where you truly want to be! Our forecasts can give you some of this knowledge. !

Q: If someone has altered their name, for example Tim to Timo or Rachelle to Shelle, should you also figure the changed name as an added influence? If so, would you just do the changed first name, or would you recalculate the whole name?

A: You would calculate your “current name” – first and last as you use it in everyday life, i.e.: “Shelle Smith”. If you always use a middle name for everyday use too, as in “Shelle Belle Smith”, you would calculate that in there too.

Q. What could it mean if the same number keeps appearing in a person’s life?

A. This is a common occurence for many people. Seeing a number repeatedly, means your subconscious is reacting to this number. The number that you see repeatedly has significance to you at this time. What you need to do is research the number and relate the traits back to your life and happenings in your life.