Expression Number 7

Expression Number 7You have an active imagination and the potential for developing your mental powers to a highly evolved state. You have the ability to master the known through the applied sciences and go on in search of deeper truths in the unknown areas not yet universally understood where intuition must be coupled with knowledge.

You have the ability to think in the abstract and to create perfected philosophies for yourself and for others through reasoning and writing. Because you exist on such an inaccessible intellectual plane, you may find it difficult to communicate with those you feel to be less evolved.

Your advanced thinking and your ability to work best alone should lead you to specialize in some area where you can advance by yourself. That, coupled with your analytical mind and your affinity for science and nature, could successfully lead you into the following fields: scientific research, landscape architecture, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, insurance investigation, detection, the occult, and writing in technical, scientific, and philosophical areas.

Your aloofness and aristocratic attitude may frequently cause you to be misunderstood by the average person.

Your lonely intellectual life may produce periods of melancholy and depression. If faith in your advanced thinking falters, fear may work its destructive forces.

Famous Names with  Expression Number 7

Mick Jagger (Michael Philip Jagger)
Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)
Orson Welles (George Orson Welles)
Margaret Mead
Stavros Spyros Niarchos
Ralph Nader
Norman Mailer
Dwight David Eisenhower
Haile Selassie (Tafari Makonnen)
Jocob Koppel Javits
Roy Lichtenstein
William Motter Inge
Doris Duke
Bill Alvira (William Anthony vos Alvira)
The Duke of Windsor (Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David Windsor)