Expression Number 6

Expression Number 6You have a clear, logical head that can size up situations with an uncanny sense of fairness and justice. You have the ability to move into troubled areas and create harmony.

Although you are peaceful by nature, you will never fail to fight for a principle. You are honest and reliable, and revolt immediately against unscrupulous practices. You have a highly developed sense of social responsibility.

You form your opinions with a sense of impartiality and give every subject fair consideration, although you generally feel you are in the right.

You have a therapeutic effect on people. Your objective point of view frequently helps them see their own problems more clearly and your suggestions are usually helpful in giving them a fresh point of view.

You have an innate sense of artistic harmony. You can create beautiful things from color, texture, and form, especially useful things.

Your clever way with people makes you a natural for jobs that are of service to others, such as teaching, social work, counseling, medicine, civil service, hotel or resort management. Your artistic sensibilities would attract you to interior design. And you make a fabulous parent.

BACKFIRE Your constant concern for justice and righting wrongs may lead you into meddling in the affairs of others when your opinions are not wanted.

Your sense of self-righteousness may make it difficult to adjust to others.

Famous names with Expression Number 6

George Harrison
Howard Robard Hughes
Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle
Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
Lauren Bacall (Betty Joan Perske)
Warren Beatty (Warren Beaty)
Federico Fellini
Joshua Logan
Robert Bruce Cornfield
Thomas Terrill Wommack
Getty Thomas Miller
George Wesley Stillwaggon