Expression Number 5


The way you best express yourself…..the natural abilities you are best equipped to use in negotiating with others to get what you want out of life. Your natural potential.

Expression Number 5Your greatest talent is your ability to cope with the unexpected. You thrive on sudden change and can adapt to new situations in a minute. You fear nothing and do not even recognize the existence of hazards. You can discard the useless and outdated and embrace the new.

Your sensual responses are highly developed. Enjoying life’s more physical pleasures to the fullest is no problem for you. You have a tremendous capacity for sexual attraction.

You meet people easily and have no trouble negotiating with many of them at the same time and moving on to more the next day.

You are attracted to occupations that stimulate your craving for the new and provide contact with people, such as advertising, promotion, publicity, sales, trend writing such as reportorial or critical writing, or aviation.

BACKFIRE You may not always be dependable or responsible because of your sporadic nature.

Overindulgence in the present can present problems in lack of responsibility for the future. Check your sexual and sensual appetites.

Famous names with  Expression Number 5

Marlene Dietrich (Maria Magdalena Dietrich)
Roman Polanski
Lady Bird Johnson (Claudia Alta Taylor)
Princess Grace (Grace Patricia Kelly)
Henry Ford
Yves St. Laurent (Henri Donat Mathieu)
Maria Callas (Maria Anna Sofia Cecilia Calogeropoulos)
Aga Khan (Karin Khan)
Carol Burnett
Merv Griffin (Mervyn Edward Griffin)
Billy (William Franklin) Graham
Doris Day (Doris von Kappelhoff)
Julie Andrews (Julia Elizabeth Wells)
Anne Baxter
George Hamilton
James Baldwin