Expression Number 4

Expression Number 4You possess tremendous self-discipline and an uncanny knack for finding practical solutions.

You have the ability to systematize yourself and your work so that all runs smoothly and on time. You progress slowly, carefully, and surely, and you have a great deal of physical endurance. You are not afraid of hard physical work. You work well with your hands.

You are concerned with technique and the systematic arrangement of things. You have a strong grasp on mathematics and mechanics.

You are responsible and loyal to your work, friends, family, and country. You are conservative in your viewpoint, and your abilities are best expressed in established fields rather than innovative areas.

Fields that require accuracy, endurance, concentration, and perseverance are in harmony with your talents, which are best expressed through the material and practical, such as architecture, construction, engineering, accounting, manufacturing, or the production or products of the earth.

Your decided practical bent may make your life a bit boring. You may need to loosen up from time to time and spend some of that money you have been hoarding on a little fun.

All that caution you are exercising can get you stuck in a rut.

You tend to be stubborn about making everything fit into your own little system. Practice broadening your point of view.

Famous names with 22/4 Expression Number

Jacqueline Onassis (Jacqueline Lee Bouvier)
Joseph Patrick Kennedy
Hubert Horatio Humphrey
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Jean Paul Getty
Vida Blue
Leontyne Price (Mary Leontine Price)
James Taylor
Joe William Namath
Leonard Bernstein
Luchino Visconti
Rudi Gernreich
Noel Pierce Coward
Joan Crawford (Lucille Le Sueur)
Henry Fonda (Henry Jaynes Fonda)
Bob Hope (Leslie Townes Hope)
Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn-Ruston)
Lana Turner (Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner)
Elaine May
Charles Augustus Lindbergh
William S. Paley
John Ernst Steinbeck